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Middle East Electricity (MEE) 2014

  • Category:Exhibition
  • 18/11/2013

Event Name

·     Middle East Electricity (MEE) 2014


Middle East


Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre


11 – 13 February 2013



Organized by

IIR exhibition


Anita Mathews

Exhibition Director

Tel: 971 4 407 2472

Fax: 971 4 335 3526


Feroz Parkar

Exhibition Manager

Tel: 971 4 407 2406

Fax: 971 4 335 3526


Lucy Diack-Evans

Marketing Manager

Tel: 971 4 407 2543

Fax: 971 4 335 3526


Tel: 971 4 336 5161

Fax: 971 4 337 1392

Fax: 971 4 335 3516

Office Address:

Room 301, 3rd Floor, Sultan Business Centre, PO Box 28943, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

Middle East Electricity is positioned as the meeting place for international companies to showcase their products and services for the power, lighting, renewable and nuclear sectors to a proven audience of key decision makers from over 100 countries worldwide.


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